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Teas and Coffees

Tea - We offer a variety of loose leaf teas to suit all tastes. Good tea is a beverage steeped in romance and ritual.

 cup of tea Breakfast Tea - A blend of Assam and Ceylon teas perfect for keeping you on the move.
Camomile and Lavender - When you need to relax, this blend has a very calming effect.
Darjeeling & Rose - The champagne of tea with broken rose petals giving a sumptuous and smooth drink.
Earl Grey & Blue Flower - Classic Earl Grey packed with flavour. The blue flower adds a slightly deeper taste and a hint of sweetness.

Minty Green Tea - Chinese green tea and refreshing wild mint helps digestion and detox.

Rooibos & Vanilla - The redbush gives a health boosting super tea crammed with antioxidents and vitamin C.

Pot for one
Pot for two

£3.15 with milk

De-caffeinated / Fruit / Herbal teas

Pot for one

Coffee - we use a Colombian bean with good body and a medium roast.
Pot for one £3.15 with fresh cream or milk
Pot for two £5.85 decaffeinated available
Cappuccino £2.50  coffee-beans
Latte £2.50
Espresso Single £2.00
Double £3.00
Belgian Hot Chocolate  
add marshmallows & cream
Pot for One £3.50
Hot Mocha Mug - Belgian chocolate
with a single shot of Espresso



Soft Drinks

Coca Cola or Diet Coke
Carbonated - ginger beer - old fashioned lemonade
blood orange - grapefruit - lemon (San Pellegrino)
Fruit juices
Speciality fruit juices/Pressé
Water - still or sparkling
Flavoured water
Cold milk
Becks Blue

Alcoholic Beverages

Please ask for our full list
House Wine
- 175ml
- 250ml
- bottle
Champagne - 20cl
Sparkling Wine - 20cl
Bottled Real Ale
from £4.00
Bottled Continental Lagers
from £3.00
Bottled Cider
from £4.50
Spirit - 25ml and Mixer
Premium Spirit - 25ml and mixer
from £5.50